The Lore

"Our Heritage Is Stitched Into Every Blanket" - Tracy Slocum

The Lore

To young men considering a voyage, I say go!

Captain Joshua Slocum, 1899

No product could ask for a richer inspiration and heritage than that of Joshua Slocum, first man to sail single-handedly around the world, and great-great-grandfather of Pretty Rugged Gear Founder, Tracy Slocum. During his often-harrowing three-year voyage aboard a 36-foot sloop, The Spray (April 24, 1895-June 27, 1898), the intrepid Captain Slocum encountered countless hardships, including desperate pirates, hostile natives and of course, the harshest weather conditions imaginable. (His historic sea adventures are chronicled in his 1900 international best seller, Sailing Alone Around the World.)

Warmth and protection from the elements are of paramount importance at sea; and Captain Slocum was prepared – with rugged fur wraps that could take anything Mother Nature threw at him (“made for the long haul,” as he would say).

More than a century later, Tracy, an experienced boater in her own right, designed a unique fashion accessory with her great-great-grandfather’s adventures in mind. Combining sumptuous modern materials with the element of style, she created a luxurious product that is not just functional, but fashionable, too – the warm and beautiful Pretty Rugged Blanket.

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